Discussed business challenges with company leaders, entrepreneur and business owners to close the gaps which makes it difficult for start-ups to succeed in the market today. 

Conducted development business activities and practices with the stock exchange and monitored the development of students over a period of time (2011-2012).

Conducted business coaching sessions with the youth business owners.


Assist in motivational speaking at churches to help uplift the youth and unemployed parents, and in other programmatic functions, such as special events, to support the program.

Take a lead role in exploring community collaborations and developing supplemental support services for youth, by coaching and mentoring.
Identify, evaluate and propose solutions to program areas that need special attention.

More than coaching...

Sales coaching

Strategic coaching

Business coaching

leadership coach

What i have done so far

BOSS club network has all the business tools online to get a business functioning like a machine.

BOSS club is an Incubator for Every one with an innovative ideas, Small businesses and Corporates.


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Latest news

I am a co-founder of the business incubator, of which by far has all the usesful tools for small businesses to get started online any time. in simple terms moving start-ups with technology catch-up... a  simple way for individuals to start their businesses by using the tools to their own advantage, and help get their businesses ahead of thier competitors.


I am a co-founder of the BOSS club network Ptd Lty, the Private incubator/Accelerator which values business ideas, more than existing businesses.


BOSS club network is the next big non-traditional way of starting a successful business from an idea or concerpt to IPO.

We provide wide range of services from support to IPO listing. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone become successful.

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Coach Elliot is a Sales Coach & a Business coach. Coach Elliot has more than 10 years experiences as a Sales representative and spent the past 5 years Coaching SME's, with more than 6800 and still counting hours offerd to small business owners.  


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There are thousands of sales Books, with tips, strategies and even sales training books that teach you how to sell.

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