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Coach Elliot is a born leader, Sales Coach & a business Coach with a management style that can be described as "hands-on"​ and decisive, yet flexible. I value and reward creative thinking, initiative, teamwork, commitment and performance.

Throughout my career in sales executive positions with the leaders in diverse industries, I have earned a track-record of success in managing complex business initiatives and achieving exceptional rather than expected results.


Born to make the world a better place by creating a positive impact in the economy, by guiding small businesses to make changes in the game, and help solve the market challenges in day to day basis with business tools,support and networking. With a background of coaching more than 6000 hours towards small business owners in 5 provinces, i realized that business owners lack networking skills and the ability to work together in growing their businesses. especially those i've redefined as: B-lack E-ngangament E-ntrepreneurs "BEE". It does not work Cut the crap.

Thus best way to get it right, it is to give SME's the right tools with solutions towards everyday business challenges and help create innovative ideas to excel in the field of business like never before. An hour of coaching session is a 1st step to success. Networking is the fundamental platform of opportunities for partnership and growth in the right direction and the tools at a low cost. 

I have the distinction of being an executive who possess the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking a business to its next level of success or resolving the deficiencies that impede its ability to grow and prosper. I have been characterized as a corporate strategy expert and am credited with personal contributions to the top-line and bottom-line performance successes. 

I am a "doer" who is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver. Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, competitive market positioning, profit and shareholder value, is what I do best.


 I am a 100 % results driven coach



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